Pascagoula Students Help Florida Schools

Ms. Gatchell's second grade class normally reads books just to pass a test. For this week though, a perfect score will do more than just advance their education.

"For every 100 they make on the AR test, they get to put a penny in our jar," teacher Pam Gatchell said.

That money, along with money donated from families, will go to help the damaged schools in Florida to get them back on track.

"We received an E-mail from a superintendent from one of the schools down there. They lost everything. Some of them don't have any schools. They're doing shifts. So I'm sure anything would be appreciated," Gatchell adds.

The students are bringing in more than just money, they are also collecting school supplies.

At Lake Elementary, the class with the most wins a prize.

"You'll get more that way, if they are competing," Gatchell says.

Although these first graders are donating goods in hopes of winning that ice cream party, they understand the real importance of what they're doing.

"A bad tornado came and tore up the whole school," one first grader said.

"For ice cream day and for Florida because there was a hurricane," a second grader said.

No matter which class ends of winning the party, one thing is certain--the kids are learning how to respond when help is needed.

If you'd like to help, you have until the end of the week. The Pascagoula School District is asking for school supplies and personal hygiene items. The School District hopes to get the donations to Florida before students start school on August 30th.