Plans in the works for upscale shopping center in D'Iberville

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - An announcement should be coming next month about a major upscale shopping complex planned for the City of D'Iberville.

Specifics have not yet been announced, but we have learned some details from coast businessman Bob Mandel, who is one of the developers in the proposed project.

It will feature an estimated 700,000 square feet of retail space, and will come with a price tag of about $250 million.

It should also employ many as 2,300 people, and will be located at the southwest corner of I-10 and 110.

At D'Iberville's city hall on Friday, city officials, along with an MDOT representative, gathered to talk about some road projects coming to the city.

Everyone wanted to make clear the projects are not a direct result of the proposed retail development, but better roads and highways, are certainly music to any developers ears.

MDOT's Kelly Castleberry said they are taking bids on what is called a diverging diamond, which would be at D'Iberville Boulevard and I-10, and also at Lamey Bridge Road and I -10.

Castleberry explained to WLOX News, what a diverging diamond actually is.

"It is a new type of intersection that will allow for free turn movement on and off the ramp system," Castleberry said. "Motorists will be kind of on the wrong side of the road, when they come off that ramp. We will put them in the correct place."

It is such a new concept, only two other states have the diverging diamond system.

MDOT is convinced it will work well at this location.

Besides the work at D'Iberville Boulevard and I-10, there will also be half diamond at Lamey Bridge Road and I-10.

All that work is included in phase one, which will come at a price tag of about $30 million with a target completion date of the Fall of 2015.

Phase II, with no specific target date yet, would be a half diamond interchange at Big Ridge Road and I-110.

The planned work will open up the exit and entry points and that relieves congestion.

One other factor, is that it appeals to any potential developer.

WLOX News will have more details about this new shopping center coming to D'Iberville, when an announcement is made next month.

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