Moss Point residents frustrated by 2nd flood in less than a year

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Some Moss Point residents are dragging out wet carpet and furniture for the second time in less than a year. Two families who just finished flood repairs from Hurricane Isaac talked about how now they'll have to start over again. They say the emotional and financial toll is getting to them.

The Nettles family said almost everything they own was lost when Rose Hill Drive went under water Wednesday night. They had just moved their belongings back into the house a week ago after finally finishing all the Hurricane Isaac flood repairs.

"We had got water from Isaac, so we have to go redo the roof, the sheet rock, tear everything out of the house," said Cornelius Nettles. "We finally got it fixed. Wasn't in it a week and we're back to point A."

Nettles said after Isaac, insurance didn't cover all the expenses so they had to foot the rest of the bill. This time they don't have the money to spare.

"It's just hurtful. You're like, dang, when can you get a break? It's really hard."

Ester Watson's home on Terrace Drive is one of many that flooded. On Friday, she was still waiting for the water to completely drain from her house. She said it's reliving a bad dream from eight months ago.

"We had to redo all the walls. Put in new floors. Buy all new furniture. Just a total remodel job," Watson said. "Now we're devastated, me and my daughter, my family. We've got to remodel once again. The floors are buckled. Water is all coming through the walls."

Both families said even with all they're dealing with they don't want to move.

Watson said, "Because I've been here so many years, I want to stay and keep my home to remodel and stay at the same address."

"I'm determined to stay if they can get something done with it," said Nettles. "Ain't no place like home, so I want to stay."

The alderman for Moss Point's ward two told WLOX the city has matching funds for drainage and sewer project in the area surrounding Rose Drive. She said the city is awaiting FEMA and MEMA approval before work can proceed.

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