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Walt's Look Around: Time Capsule

FLORENCE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Masonic Hall in Florence, Mississippi is 100 years old this year. And when they built it, they enclosed a time capsule in the cornerstone. That cornerstone face was removed Thursday morning to reveal what's in the time capsule behind it. 

This corner stone was dated 100 years ago on the very day they are going to open it up, May 2nd, 1913. But you can't just run up and snatch the cover off something that has been there a hundred years without a little ceremony.

The Mason's did just that with a prayer and an order of service that culminated in the removal of the engraved marble cornerstone and the revelation of what was inside.

And what was it? A bottle. With a cork stopper sealed with wax protecting a rolled up scroll of paper. Myron Lewis Ware, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mississippi had the honors of reading the wisdom or secrets or whatever was carefully sealed in that bottle and placed in that cornerstone a hundred years ago this day.    

Myron studied the paper and read, "Joe Berry, Past Master…."  

It was a list of names, names of the Past Masters of the Lodge up until 1913. Just names? Nothing more?

Kenny Dawson, the Master of the Florence Lodge was looking for more, I think.

"We were a little surprised," said Dawson. "I thought they might have a little more for us in there. But it was great to have all the names of the Past-Masters of the Lodge from 1846 to 1913."  

That sounds like what someone says when they've just won 5th place in a beauty contest, or something.   Kenny added,

"Well, we'd have liked to have had a treasure map or something there," Dawson added. "But you know, it's great just to have the ceremony and all the brethren to get together and have a good time."  

At the re-sealing of the cornerstone, a batch of goodies from today was put in there so folks a hundred years from NOW will have more to get worked up over. But the fact that a hundred years ago they thought to leave anything at all was pretty nice of them, I guess.

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