Helena neighbors nervously watched rising waters

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - This week's heavy rainfall caused unpleasant flashbacks for residents of the Helena community in Jackson County.

Many residents near Wildwood Road have only recently finished making repairs from the devastating flood damage caused by Hurricane Isaac last year. Only a few houses flooded this time, but the threat was "too close for comfort."

"Isaac we got 14 inches in the house. And we just got back in November. So we're glad, even though the water came in and came up to the driveway, it did not come all the way up into the house. Thank goodness," said Karen Logan.

Any forecast of heavy rainfall means making plans for possible high water.

"That's what we do is plan ahead and try to do what we can to keep our belongings from getting wet," said Logan.

"Everything you can get to higher ground, you have to. Every time it rains," said Tammie Norsworthy.

She says flood waters breed frustration.

"Very frustrating. You don't want to lose your home. After Isaac, we just put a lot of money into all these homes out here and we don't want to redo it. It takes a lot of time to redo these homes. And it's scary," she said.

After the worried about property damage have passed, there's another concern that pops up with all the standing water. Mosquitoes. And they're already beginning to swarm.

There are numerous houses for sale in the neighborhood.  But as one retiree who's lived there for 30 years said, "Who'd want to buy a house here, with all these high water headaches?"

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