Seafood Museum Expanding

A ground breaking outside the current Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum on Point Cadet is just the beginning of what should be a spectacular addition. Robin Krohn is the museum's executive director and says, "We're adding about eight thousand square feet to the building and that will include about seven new exhibits, we'll also be adding additional classroom space."

Val Husley is designing and building the exhibits that will be included in the expansion and says, "It really gives us a chance to expand on some of the themes that we have already. There will be exhibits on the charter boat industry, managing marine resources,recreational fishing, Biloxi skiffs, Biloxi cat boats."

Gavin Schmidt is the president of the museum's Board of Directors and says, "The Museum has grown a lot over the past years, and this expansion is just going to satisfy our growth needs."

The new 1.5 million dollar expansion is going to offer plenty more to see at the museum and those involved with the facility think it will draw more tourists as well. Robin Krohn says, "Together with the museum expanding, with the George Ohr Museum building down on Highway 90, there's talk of a IMAX coming in this area, so we're just tickled to death, and we feel like with a combination of things going on down here on the Point that we're going to garner a lot of tourists."

Gerald Blessey was mayor when the museum was built and he is pleased with it's expansion. "I think it'll become, with this expansion, a major tourist attraction, it's already very high on the list it's won the Southeastern top 20 on several occasions for its tourist visitation."

Gavin Schmidt says, "We're located around all these casino hotels, so there are a lot of people within walking distance to the museum, so just by expanding and making ourselves better, I think that that will grow our visits."