D'Iberville resident says flooding comes with the territory

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Road closures redirect traffic to alternate routes. But, what happens when your home is behind the signs?

"When the water comes up, it comes from one side of the river. It starts coming over the road through the driveways to the other side of the river. So, earlier today it looked like white water rapids," said D'Iberville resident Brad Boudreaux who lives near the Tchoutacabouffa river.

Boudreaux and his family live on a cul-de-sac in Riverwalk. Imagine his surprise waking up Thursday morning to find that his house was surrounded by water.

"We've been here all day. We haven't been able to leave the house because we're basically on an island. Once the water comes up here, other than the kayaks, the extra boats, or a 4 wheeler to get out of here," said Boudreaux.

Although frustrating, he said why fight something you can't change? His kids and neighborhood friends decided to make the best of the situation.

"It's big, I got to miss a lot of school so it's pretty awesome," said 12-year-old Michael Boudreaux.

He usually tries to evacuate his family before flooding becomes this bad, but that wasn't an option this time.

"Normally, I would say get out early. But, this one kind of caught everyone by surprise because it came up very fast... It's almost like we got cause with our pants down," said Boudreaux.

Residents say all that's left to do is wait. While it's not fun, Boudreaux understands it comes with the territory.

"You take the good with the bad when you live on the river and every now and then this is going to happen," said Boudreaux.

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