Moss Point neighbors frustrated by frequent flooding

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The heavy rain overnight in Moss Point left behind a trail of raw sewage and raw nerves on Rose Drive.

That street is well known for its frequent flooding. And Wednesday night's downpour created more high water than Hurricane Isaac last summer.

"Well, it's a mess. It was worse than it's ever been."

Johnny McCreary has lived here 43 years. He's seen plenty of high water on his street and heard plenty of promises about fixing it.

"It don't make no sense. I've been through eight mayors and every one of them tell the same lie: We're gonna fix Rose Drive.  I've been asking officials to fix that drain. Just fix the drain. I know they can't stop the water on Rose Drive. But fix the drains so the water can get out of here," said the frustrated McCreary.

The high water flooded his kitchen, the den, the computer room and a bedroom. And he's certainly not alone.

"This water jumped up so quickly, it was ridiculous. You really didn't have time to get nobody out of here the way this water got up. This is ridiculous, you know," said neighbor, Tony Mack.

Though he's seen his street flooded many times, this marks the first time in 39 years Tony Mack got water inside the house.

"Now I've got to figure out how I'm gonna take care of my house and try to get it all dried out. And nobody come down here to even see about it, other than you. You're the only one been through here talking to us," he said.

It's not just the high water headaches of cleaning out flooded homes here on Rose Drive. There's also the stench of raw sewage. Every sewer manhole cover on the street was overflowing.

With a city election approaching, you can bet these soggy neighbors will be seeking some flood relief.

"They ain't touched Rose Drive," said Johnny McCreary.

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