East Jackson County neighbors left stranded by washed out bridge

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The heavy rainfall overnight stranded one neighborhood in East Jackson County near the Alabama state line. That's because the high water washed out the bridge leading into Deer Creek Estates in the Forts Lake community

Residents there have high praise for county crews, who worked quickly to solve the problem.

County road crews got to work early Thursday morning replacing the washed out crossing over Collins Creek on Constitution Road.

"The creek has overflowed, but we've never had it wash out before," said Randy Mclendon.

That's why he was so surprised when he tried to go to work around 6:30AM

"At first I thought it was just water over the road. And it turned out it was washed out. I turned around and told the wife, 'Don't get in no hurry getting up this morning, the bridge is gone,'" said Mclendon.

Jackson County crews began replacing the crossing soon after daylight, in the rain. And though it crosses the creek, technically this isn't a bridge.

"It's really a box culvert, it's not really a bridge. All the rain we had last night, it eroded away the soil. So we're back here replacing it with good rock," said county employee Peter Lucas.

The washed out crossing was more than just an inconvenience for these neighbors. You see, it's the only way in and out of their neighborhood.

That's why Emmit Ashford was so happy to see county workers arrive so early.

"They got on it real, real quick. They were real helpful, they came in real quick," he said.

"My husband came and told me and it was unbelievable," said  Angela Ashford, who was pleased with the progress.

"The county needs to be praised for this fast work!" she said.

By early afternoon, the crossing was safe for vehicles once again, restoring access to the neighborhood for residents of Deer Creek Estates.

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