Teacher Gets Honor From President Clinton

Reading teacher Bobbi Barrows knows what her students are going through. All through school she struggled with reading. You see Bobbi is dyslexic.

"Knowing first hand the pain and the agony of the bondage of illiteracy, it's a very frustrating and painful experience," Barrows says.

Barrows' goal is to make sure students can read before they leave high school, something she could barely do when she graduated.

"I never read a book from cover to cover," she says.  "I had a high school diploma in my hand and never read a book from cover to cover. When it was all said and done, I felt cheated by the system, yet I was determined that I was going to overcome this thing."

And with the help of her husband, she says she did. Barrows now dedicates her life to helping others overcome reading difficulties. When not teaching children, she teaches adult literacy classes.

Her work earned her the "Give Award" from the Governor for voluteering excellence.  This week, President Clinton presented her with a sterling silver medallion.

"Never in my life time did I ever think this goes along with the dyslexia thing," Barrows says.  "Your self esteem is so low, I never thought there would ever be anything in my life that would be worth turning somebody's head.  I just did what came from my heart, and I wound up there."