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The Deer pen controversy

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There is controversy over the legality of keeping native Mississippi deer behind fences. The PEER committee, an investigative arm of state government, says it is not legal. The Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks disagrees.

There are more than 100 places in Mississippi where native state deer are being kept behind fences. Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks maintains there is a law which gives them the authority regulate native deer in that condition.  

The PEER Committee says the law does not allow native Mississippi deer to be kept behind fences.  

Chad Dacus, Director of the Wildlife Bureau, explains their position, while Max Arrinder, Executive Director of the PEER Committee, explains their latest finding.

It is (legal) as long as they meet the rules that have been promulgated by the commission," said Dacus. "We have been given that authority by state statue, to enact these rules and our commission has done so."

"You cannot keep these native species behind pens," said Arinder. "The deer that can be legally kept are non native species."

It will obviously take a third party, either the legislature or the courts, to determine who is right about deer behind fences in Mississippi.

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