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Jackson company blamed for mobile home damage

PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Pearl woman says the movers she hired damaged a newly purchased trailer then abandoned the job, and she wants others to be warned of the services.

"It's continued to be a nightmare one after another," said Alivia Townsend. "My home was moved and damaged and abandoned in a lot off Parcel Drive."

Townsend says G & B Mobile Home movers located at 2250 Hwy 80 West in Jackson is the company giving her headaches. She hired them to move a trailer from Canton to Pearl, and claims they've given her a world of problems.

"I've given them $1,100 to buy materials with but they didn't buy materials with [the money] so I had to turn around and spend $620 on the materials," said Townsend. "Then had to spend another $200 on materials to fix enough of the mobile home so the city of Pearl will even let it be moved into the city."

The mobile home is in position, but Townsend says she can't move in because G & B Movers haven't finished the job.

"All the materials and everything are all over the yard," added Townsend.  "And they just left and haven't come back, and are holding our air conditioner unit hostage basically."

G & B Mobile Home Movers Co. Owner Jeff Curtis said the move was delayed because the ground was too wet to move the mobile home in. He says state law allows him 30 days to finish the job.

Curtis also claims he never asked for more money, but told Townsend what materials she needed to buy for them to complete the job. Finally, the business owner says he'll bring the air conditioner to the site Thursday.

In the mean time, Townsend says she's hiring an attorney and gives advice to anyone looking to hire a mobile home moving company.

"Do your homework if you're gonna have somebody investigate the company, investigate the people who work for the company," said Townsend.

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