WLOX Editorial: Your vote on Tuesday could be the difference in an election

Most every time an election comes around, we get on television and remind you it's time to go vote.  We tell you how important your vote is. We tell you how you can affect your community. And in every election, people stay away from the polls in droves.

This time, we thought we would show you just how important just a few votes can be. The last time we had municipal elections in Moss Point, Robert Byrd won an alderman seat by two votes. Gautier's Adam Colledge won a seat on the city council by seven votes. Doug Lee became Lucedale mayor by a 18 vote margin. In Wiggins, Alderman Joel Miles won by four votes. And in Moss Point, Alderman Thomas Hightower won by a margin of just two votes.

Your vote on Tuesday could be the difference in an election. Your failure to cast a ballot could also be the difference. Which way would you rather have it?

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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