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Your Turn: JSU Domed Stadium

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I am in favor of Jackson State University building a domed campus stadium instead of continuing to pour money into Memorial Stadium and the Coliseum, but don't believe there is enough population in the Jackson Market to support 50,000 seats. Here are some Your Turn comments:

Robert Richard Washington writes, "As a JSU fan and Black American we are tired of being told what we need. I have never heard you say what size stadium Ole Ms or MS State need so why do you think JSU only needs a 25 to 35,000 seat stadium."

Al Mo adds, "OUCH, LOOKS like sports will take precedence against many other things once again. FIRE AWAY!!!!"

Demarcus Hicks chimes in saying, "All that people find wrong with building the stadium can help fix the problems when it's built. You have to spend money in order to start making money in any business venture. The stadium and coliseum are outdated and this is a 2 for 1 deal. It's an excellent plan. Jackson State shouldn't suffer because the city council can't come up with ideas to better Jackson's beautification and social structure. They need to step out and visit other cities in other states that are advancing and make things happen."

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