St. Stanislaus Rockachaws ready for the second round of the 4A baseball playoffs

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Head coach Mark Logan says his Rockachaws have stepped up to the plate and on the mound and have delivered all season long.

St. Stanislaus is a sophomore laden team,14 to be exact. According to scouting reports, the Rockachaws aren't that good.

Logan said, "The scouting report says we're not very talented but I think people are mistaken. " We are youthful and we fell like we have some pretty good baseball players, even though they are sophomores. He added, "They've played a lot of baseball and they know the game."

Cody Logan is the only senior and he brings much needed leadership to a young baseball team. He's batting .368.

"I don't think age has anything to do with it, if you play and win then you're playing to win," stated Logan. We have a young group this year with one senior, three juniors and 14 sophomores and six of them start for us.

Sophomore Patrick McRaney headlines the Rockachaws offensive attack, batting .457 and has a knack of coming up with clutch hits or sacrifice fly balls.

Besides McRaney, sophomore Jonathan Artigues carries a .400 batting average with 14 RBI's.

Junior Joe Guillot is batting .321 with 14 runs batted in and he's a gusty catcher.

Guillot said, "This past series I caught all 25 innings." The first game of the series we went into eleven innings. "It's not easy and plus I don't want to come out."

Following Thursday's playoff game at Mendenhall, the Rockachaws return home Friday night at six for game two.

Game two is slated for six Friday night in Bay St. Louis.

St. Stanislaus captured the 4A State Baseball Championship in 2010.

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