Father dead, son injured in Waveland shooting

Khiry Thomas's one-year-old son is expected to survive.
Khiry Thomas's one-year-old son is expected to survive.
Khiry Thomas (Photo source: Family members)
Khiry Thomas (Photo source: Family members)

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Waveland investigators are trying to put together the pieces of a shooting that left a young father dead and his infant son fighting for his life.

Few official details have been released, but a source told WLOX News the baby was shot in the head. Fortunately, he is expected to survive.

The child's father, 22-year-old Khiry Thomas, died of a gunshot wound to the head, and police said it appears to be self inflicted.

"Evidence at the scene is indicating toward that the baby was shot," said investigator David Allen. "We are still determining the exact method by which the baby was shot."

According to a relative, Khiry Thomas arrived at the Coast Inn and Suites in a taxi after stopping at his parents' home to pick up his infant son. She said Thomas had been depressed and recently sought treatment.

"The last time I saw Khiry, he was telling me when he came and got his bag was that he was leaving and he wasn't coming back, and that we didn't have to worry about him no more when he left," said Khiry's aunt, Toni Thomas recalled. "I didn't think nothing of it because he was leaving and he was supposed to be going by his mom's house."

Toni Thomas said her nephew stayed with her from time to time. And that he loved his son, and had a lot to live for.

"Khiry was an intelligent person. He was smart, he made straight A's in school. He used to tell my mom he wanted to be an architect."

She doesn't believe Thomas would take his own life or harm his son.

"Me, personally? I don't think he done it. I don't think he done it... Khiry is not capable of doing nothing like that. He's too smart for that."

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