2012 Smokin' the Sound champs return to reclaim title

GULFPORT, MS - Sunday was the end of the beginning, the last day of the first race of the season for the "Super Boat International" series.

As boats were lowered into the water, engines were roaring and tensions were high.

"It's going to be very fierce in our class. We have some great competition," said throttle of the boat Dan Lawrence.

Rob Nunziato, Lawrence's teammate, is the driver of their boat, "Twisted Offshore S1."

Burgess Haussermann is the Crew Chief.

The boat is in the Superboat Stock Class, with twin outboard motors.

Together, they're the returning champions of the race and the entire series of eight races in 2012.

"Five world championships, four national championships, champion inductee twice. It's just an addiction," said crew member Rob Nunziato.

It's clear, this three man crew is all business and one man's preparation has helped make them a dynamite trio.

"I put the props on the boat, fuel the boat," said Haussermann.

When it's race time, only the throttle and driver hit the water, with a strategy in mind.

"Fast we can go around the course. Speed wins," said Lawrence.

"For Danny to get as much in the straight aways as we can and for me to get around the turns as fast and as tight as I can," said Nunziato.

Far ahead of their competition from the beginning, victory was theirs. They won their class in Smokin' the Sound. Still, they need seven more wins to become the series champions for 2013.

"I'm addicted. I'll be doing this until my body can't do it anymore," said Nunziato.

"We'll be back next year," said Haussermann.

Next year, they'll be hoping for a three-peat.

Their next series race will be in Cocoa Beach, FL.

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