Birthday girl asks for shoe donations instead of presents

Julie and Aubrey Bobinger holding the shoes she got for her birthday.
Julie and Aubrey Bobinger holding the shoes she got for her birthday.

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - We all know how excited children get when their birthdays come around. They get to hang out with friends and they also get to open their presents. But one Gulfport girl celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a bit of a twist.

"Bunches and bunches and bunches of flip flops, flats," Aubrey Bobinger said.

That's what was on Aubrey's birthday wish list.

The newly turned 8-year-old asked for shoes and that's exactly what she got. But this girl is no Imelda Marcos, instead of having a new pair of shoes to wear each day, she has other plans.

"Give it to orphanage homes. It really helps kids. Sometimes kids never have shoes and they don't know what it's like," Aubrey said.

Her proud mothers said she got the idea from the Disney Channel where some shoes were given to needy kids. And while she was open to the idea, she says her family and friends were a little skeptical at first.

"A couple of people on Facebook said 'Uh ok.' Like it was kinda a shock. You know? Cause who would give up presents?" Aubrey's mother Julie Bobinger said.

Aubrey says her brother also had the same reaction.

Aubrey explained,"You're crazy. And he was just like 'Shoes, seriously you want shoes?'"

Now the soccer player and self proclaimed Justin Bieber fan has 70 pairs of shoes she'll be donating.

It's an act her mom hopes other parents will instill in the minds of their young ones.

"If you teach your children to give while they are young when they get older they won't have a problem with giving," Julie said.

As for the shoes, they'll be sent off soon. They've got a few local and out of state orphanages in mind.

While Aubrey got a few presents for herself, she takes comfort in knowing a majority of her presents are going to charity.

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