Biloxi students package 10,000+ meals for hungry orphans

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Some Biloxi students spent several hours Thursday packing thousands of meals for hungry children in Haiti. Cedar Lake Christian Academy held its first "Feed the Need" event. It was quite a sight to see the humanitarian mission in action.

"We love Haiti, yes we do. We love Haiti, how about you?" a young lady shouted into the microphone.

The students chanted and cheered, each with a chore on the assembly line.

"Today is organized chaos. We have packing going on. We have labeling," said Assistant Principal Lisa Williams.

About 100 students at Cedar Lake Christian Academy packaged 1,680 bags of food. That is enough to feed more than 10,000 hungry children.

"There are four ingredients in the packets. There's rice, there's soy, there's dehydrated vegetables, there's also a powder vitamin mix," said Williams.

The non-perishable meals will be distributed to orphan children in Haiti.

"Some countries in the world think that Americans keep to themselves and don't care about that specific country. So it's important that we fight that stereotype and let those kids know that we care about them and we're praying for them," said senior Christian Matheny.

In February, the school teamed-up with Champion Events of Birmingham, Alabama, to organize the "Feed the Need" project. The students helped raise almost $25,000 to fund their mission of mercy.

"That was dear to our hearts since we're here at a school. And these children are actually feeding and helping to love on other children in a third world country. We wanted them to experience that part of giving," said Williams.

The meal packets will be picked up on Friday. Fundraising for the event will continue through the end of May.

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