Boston Marathoners from the Coast raise thousands for victims

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Together they stood for one cause.

"For Boston!" yelled six of the Boston Marathon runners from the Coast.

For the first time since the Boston Marathon, these runners -Tracey Ashall, Joey Begg, Tom Pfleeger, Tim McDaniel, Leonard Vergunst, and Joshua Ord- came together to show unity.

"We're actually having a charity run for the Boston victims," said Boston Marathon runner Tracey Ashall.

Nearly 500 people began the run, sending a message that evident, wearing signs that read, "We are all Boston Marathoners at heart."

"The message of today is we will all overcome this. We will be united and we will grow stronger," said Ashall.

"We're all united in this. We may not be the ones who were injured, but we're still united with you guys and we give you all our love and our prayers and I hope that you all heal up really fast," said Boston Marathon runner Joey Begg.

"Maybe we can bring a little bit of happiness and little bit of good will to the people up there in Boston from South Mississippi," said Boston Marathon runner Tim McDaniel.

"No matter what you try to do to put us down, as a running community, we will come together and we will be strong," said Boston Marathon runner Joshua Ord.

"Runners, we're all friends. We're a community. When somebody hurts, we all hurt," said Boston Marathon runner Leonard Vergunst.

"America is a strong country and we'll survive this and hopefully from all this we'll become a better nation," said McDaniel.

United they ran, sending a message that they're not slowing down anytime soon. Almost 500 runners participated in the event and nearly $10,000 was raised.

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