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Three teens arrested in Van Zandt County robbery attempt

Released by Bob Keltner, Chief Deputy, Van Zandt Co. Constable Pct.4

VAN ZANDT, CO (KLTV) - This morning started out routine for three Tyler teenagers who had decided to continue their burglary careers in Eastern Van Zandt County. But they ran into problems early on.

The house they kicked the front door in on happen to be next door to a home that Chandler Police Sergeant Stanberry was visiting on VZCR 4821, in far South East Van Zandt County. Sgt. Stanberry went to investigate the suspicious noises and activity to find two teenage male suspects in the home. When they spotted Sgt Stanberry they bolted, but Sgt Stanberry, with a little help from two citizens, ran the two boys down and brought them into custody very quickly.

Constable Pat Jordan and Chief Dep. Bob Keltner from the Pct.4 Constable's Office in Van Zandt Co., along with three Van Zandt Co. Sheriff's Office Deputies and four Smith Co. Sheriff's Deputies and Texas Dept. of Public Safety Troopers responded to Sgt Stanberry's call for assistance.

A quick-thinking bystander jotted down a license plate number that a short time later caught the attention of the same Smith Co. Sheriff's Deputies. The third teen was caught not five miles from the scene with the two other suspect's cell phones.

Before it was all over with, these same suspects were linked to several burglaries in Western Smith County as well. The quick reaction and determination of Sgt. Stanberry stopped the commission of a serious crime today. These three teenage repeat offenders are now behind bars awaiting arraignment in Van Zandt County.

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