WLOX Editorial: Are you ready for what may happen near you?

The deaths and injuries from the bombings at the Boston Marathon make us all too aware, this could happen anywhere. Police officers, medics, nurses, doctors, firemen and many more train often in preparation for natural disasters, major accidents and even terrorism. Are you ready for what may happen near you?

Do you know what to do to help save lives in the first moments if people are injured and you are nearby? In Boston, there was a medical tent full of first responders who were able to quickly render aid to the injured. But will that be the case if something bad happens near you?

What if you are the only one nearby? Maybe you should consider taking a first aid course. It will serve you well, whether a loved one is injured at home, or something much worse happens near you. We must be prepared.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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