Humane Society Needs New Van For Pets

The Humane Society of South Mississippi may be well on the road to getting a new state of the art facility but a lingering need is threatening to put the breaks on their efforts to find homes for their homeless dogs and cats.

Every summer we warn people about leaving their children and their pets in their cars without proper air conditioning.

Just like a child, a pet is at the mercy of the scorching temperatures that can build up quickly and sometimes even become deadly.

The Humane Society of South Mississippi is keenly aware of that danger.

That's why they're asking for help in finding a van with a working air conditioner, so they can safely transport their animals, and you might be surprised how important taking their animals on the road is, in their work of finding them homes.

Karen Ray of Biloxi didn't come to the Wango Tango Festival to adopt a pet.

But when she saw Blondie, just couldn't resist.

"She just came up to me and started licking. I said is she for sale, cause everything's for sale on the grounds and they said yeah and we bought her," says Ray.

Cynthia Tanner is Community Outreach Director with the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

She says cases like this are exactly why they take their animals on the road.

"Being able to get out into the community and go to special events such as Wango Tango, or go out to supermarkets is very important because we get to reach a sector of the community that may not want to come out to the shelter. Because it's very overwhelming, it's very sad. But this gives a fresh atmosphere to see puppies play and also gives us a chance to meet people and tell them about our services," says Tanner.

An opportunity that is threatened by the Humane Society's lack of an air conditioned van.

"It's way too uncomfortable for the dogs. It's actually inhumane to not have the air condition for the dogs. So we definitely need something comfortable, that runs well, is reliable, to be able to go all over the gulf coast," says Tanner.

More comfort means more animals, and better odds of a match being made, just like this one.

Cynthia says Saturday at Wango Tango, a woman from Louisiana adopted one of their dogs, and in fact they average about 10 dogs a month that find new homes thanks to their trips outside the shelter.

They feel they can double that number with a large air conditioned van, in which to more safely and comfortably transport their animals.