Pascagoula Church Helping Charley Victims

"We need your support and your help. Can I hear an Amen?" Rev. Larry Hawkins says to the congregation.

Hawkins is asking the members of the Union Baptist Church in Pascagoula to help those effected by Hurricane Charley by donating food and clothing.

"I went through Hurricane George and I heard about Hurricane Frederick, I know what they are going through with the hurricane. So I felt like our district churches needed to rise up and help those people who actually went through the hurricane," Hawkins says.

The category four storm swept through the Southern and Central areas of Florida just over a week ago leaving close to two million people without electricity.

Now nearly a quarter of a million are still without power and thousands are still living in temporary shelters.

Hawkins says the church wants to make sure those shelters don't run out of supplies.

That's why they want to get all of the goods to South Florida by the end of this week.

This might not look like much now, but Pastor Hawkins says by Wednesday this room will be full of food and water for Hurricane Charley's victims.

"Yeah, we're going out to buy some stuff," Church member Roosevelt Crockett says.

Crockett is one of those lending a helping hand.

He's going to the store right now to purchase some goods for the food drive.

Crockett says he wants to help, because he knows the destruction a hurricane can cause.

"We went through Camille over here. So we know what they are going through over there. We feel for them, for pray for them, and we hope we can be some help to them," says Crockett.