Voters Want More Choices

We like choices, no ifs, and's, or but's about it. Historically when we have to choose something, and it can be anything, we like choices. When voters head to the polls on April 17th to choose which flag will represent our state, they will get two choices either the current design or a new design that the state flag commission has chosen. But, are two choices going to be enough?

Darnisha Barker doesn't think it is. "You should definitely have more options because one of them is the rebel flag and the other one is the rebel flag with something else added on to it."

Dustin Thompson says, "I think we should have more choices since it's such a big issue with people."

Margie Long has already decided what flag she's voting for, but she thinks choices are good. "If they don't want that and don't like the other, they should have a choice."

After talking to a host of folks from varying backgrounds it seems that maybe a choice with the magnolia tree in it would have been enough to capture their attention, and only two choices would have been enough.

Dustin Thompson says, "I would like a flag with the magnolia in the center and I think the majority of people would be happy with that."

Darnisha Barker says, "That would be nice I like that idea for a flag, I would vote for a flag like that."

And, then there are those who see this as much bigger than just changing the look on the fabric that flies over the state capitol, and for these people, a million choices won't change what needs to be changed.

Corine McClain says, "The flag can't make or break a person it's just a piece of material, it's the heart that's got to change; I mean they can leave that flag up if that heart don't change anything they put up is going to be the same."

Norma Nelson agrees and adds, "That material is not going to change Mississippi unless the hearts of Mississippi change."