Boba-N-Wraps - Gulfport, Courthouse Road

Boba-N-Wraps is a new restaurant in Gulfport. Owner, Kelle Phan wanted to open a place that was off the beaten path. Boba-N-Wraps was her answer.

Phan says, "It all over the West of the United's just we don't have it here in Gulfport, so I wanted people here to try it out. It's something's good. Boba is a smoothie. It originated from Taiwan."

It's also known as Bubble Tea or Pearl Tea. There are many different flavors to choose from like strawberry, banana, orange, jackfruit and many more. The menu is very large and there are so many options. The smoothie is actually made with tea. Once it's blended with fruit or flavor, it's served with Tapioca Pearls.

Phan says, "They look like little marbles. They're chewy, soft and kind of gummy bears kind of. And they come in the drink, and they come up in the straw and you eat 'em and drink your smoothie at the same time. So, that makes it a Boba, and well, half the people like the tapioca and half don't and a lot didn't try."

Phan has a theory on why people won't even try the Tapioca Pearls.

"Who wants to eat while they drink," Phan says.

Phan knew she didn't want to have just a Boba shop so she the healthy route and added wraps to the menu.

"The first time when they come...they get overwhelmed, and I don't blame 'em you know. You have to build your own thing. It's not your normal ordering where everything's already put together and you just pick number one or number two," says Phan.

You are in total control of your wrap.

Phan say, "When you come I would say choose whatever meat you want and what the size is. And then you go into number 2 and you would choose the tortilla wrap flavor because we have six different ones. After that you just look at the list and kind of build your own wrap. Just pick's unlimited whatever you want on the wrap. Then you top it off with a sauce."

Some of the most popular items include...the grilled chicken, steak and chicken salad. They also have a salad menu.

"The real fruit salad is our most popular. It's different. It has craisins,'s real good. A lot of people like it with the orange mandarin ginger dressing," Phan says.

Boba-N-Wraps is located on Courthouse road just South of the Railroad tracks. It's open Monday through Thursday from 10:30am until 7:30pm; Friday from 10:30am until 8:30 pm; and Saturday from 10:30am until 6:00pm. For more information 228.604.1140.