Plans To Buy Ocean Springs Front Beach Drawing Mixed Reaction

Ocean Springs Aldermen aren't sure how much support, if any, they can give to a group that is trying to buy some beachfront property.

The group called "Friends of Front Beach" is trying to get state money to buy the land where Ocean Springs Seafood now sits.

A California developer wants to build a hotel on the site.  But the Friends Of Front Beach oppose that plan.

Alderman at large Danny Jalanivich says before the group can get any public money, the city has to commit money too. Jalanivich says that could amount to a hefty bill for taxpayers.

"We have other needs in the city of Ocean Springs that's going to cost a lot of money, and to spend anywhere from say $250,000 to $1 million, I'm not in favor for it," Alderman Jalanivich says.  "If the majority of the citizens of Ocean Springs are in favor of spending their tax dollars on this, I'll gladly participate."

Jalanivich says unless the developer's option to buy the property runs out, neither the city nor the Friends of Front Beach will be able to buy the property.