Musgrove Says He Supports Teacher Pay Raises Despite Economic Shortfall

Gov. Ronnie Musgrove says the value of our teachers should not be based on the state's revenue growth.

The governor made that comment today at a ceremony in Jackson honoring teachers who received National Board Certification. Musgrove also thanked Mississippi teachers for their commitment to our children.

As you know, last year the legislature passed a teacher pay raise bill that says the state's economy needs to grow by 5 percent for teachers to get the raises. This year, Musgrove supports removing that requirement, and says state leaders need to make the commitment of investing in education in Mississippi.

"What better way to invest in our children in the classroom than to invest in our teachers by having the commitment to say 'You're professionals, and we're going to pay you that way,'" Gov. Musgrove says.

Mississippi teachers' salaries are on track to be brought up to the Southeastern average over six years. The bill to remove the revenue growth requirement for raises is still working its way through the House and Senate.