Delta Queen Steamboat Arrives In South Mississippi

There's a rare sight in South Mississippi.

A paddle wheeled steamboat is docked at the Port of Gulfport.

The "Delta Queen" will be here for the weekend and it's 174 passengers will get to enjoy all that South Mississippi has to offer.

What makes this sight so unique is there hasn't been a steamboat in the Mississippi Sound in 134 years.

1870 was the last time these waters welcomed a river steamboat.

The Delta Queen's Calliope happily announced her arrival.

Passengers sipped champagne while others donned their 17 century garb.

This 43 day voyage called the "Heart of America Discovery Tour" will travel through nine major U.S. waterways.

This 77 year old beauty has made the trip before, but this is the first time South Mississippi was on the port of call list.

This is Sam Rhoades' first visit to Gulfport, but his 42nd voyage on the Delta Queen. He says it's worth the 17-thousand dollar fare.

"This is day number 21 we're actually at the halfway point of our 43 day cruise how's it going? wonderful , wonderful, foods great, it's gobble till you wobble," said Rhoades.

"The boat was built back in 1927, and you sit back in your mind and you think about all the people who have ridden that boat and you wonder about all of the things that have gone on in some of those cabins," says Rhoades.

The Delta Queen started it's long journey July 30th in Pittsburgh, stopping in places like Cincinnati, Mobile, New Orleans, and Memphis before wrapping up in Minnesota, September 11th.

The Delta Queen will leave for New Orleans Sunday morning at six a.m.