Manhunt has South Mississippians fixated on the news

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Walking into E-fitness Friday, the television was tuned into the news. In the cardio room, most of the TVs were also fixed on news channels.

"It's just something that keeps your attention," Michael Bangora said. "Each one of us is affected by it."

For many, including Bangora, the target of the bomb makes it even more emotional.

"It has hit a soft spot and us in here we are all looking at running marathons some day and we want to make sure we don't have to worry about this," Bangora said.

"We just did the Crescent City Classic and we were sitting in front of the Superdome with 10,000 people," Guy Jermyn said. "We are going to the Warrior Dash in Jackson tomorrow and it's kind of scary to think maybe we can't plan to do these big events."

But the runners agree the rapid response by investigators brings them some comfort.

"They do a marathon in New Orleans, it has become a very big event we watch at least 10-15 gym members train all year, so it can hit close to home," Jermyn said. "But hopefully the FBI jumping on them and will put actions behind their words instead of dragging it on and bring them to trial and let them know, hey there are repercussions for their actions then maybe it will stop it."

Jermyn and Harry Sanders both knew people who ran in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Sanders said, "We have been really concerned about what's going on for the people up there, I just hope they settle this thing and there is no more of them."

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