Singing River Hospital's New Blood Supplier Holds First Blood Drive

The blood may be going to help the same people, but a new company is collecting it for Jackson County's hospitals. Officials say the first few weeks have gone smoothly.

"Supplies are excellent," Richard Lucas with Singing River Hospital says. "The working relationship appears to be very professional, so it's been a good experience thus far."

The Blood Center is running two supply trucks from New Orleans to Jackson County each day.

"We are trying to overstock them a bit so that in case of an emergency that they would be prepared, and we would of course backup the supply," Lucas says.

This blood drive marks the first campaign the Blood Center has done in Jackson County. Tina Schwander says like all collection agencies, the Blood Center relies on the public.

"To supply the hospital properly, we need to get those blood donors in, and it's very important to have the community support," Schwander says.

Donors like James Smith say it's important to support the organization providing the hospital with blood.

"The hospital basically does a lot of community services, and I just want to be a part of it," Smith says.

More than 350 pints are needed each day to keep the Blood Center and its 40 hospitals properly supplied. The Blood Center is planning on opening a Jackson county donation site within the next few months.