New Fire Stations In Vancleave Might Help Saves More Lives and Homes

"I feel safe and secure that they are going to be next door just in case something were to happen," Mary Biglow says.

Biglow feels better just knowing a fire station will be next door

She's seen the devestation a fire can cause. Many years ago, when she lived in Illinois, her next door neighbor's home caught fire.

"No one was saved. My daughter could hear her friend screaming which was bad. They found a little girl's shoes melted on the floor, because her mother and her were trying to get out of the house," Biglow says.

If something like that were to happen to anyone in this area right now, it would take volunteer firefighters average 15 minutes to arrive.

By building a fire station here on Mount Pleasant Road, the fire department hopes to cut that time by a third. Fire fighters says three to four minutes doesn't sound like much, but it could save a home or a life.

"It could mean life or death, if somebody's trapped in the house or something like that. Three minutes on a house fire, you can save a lot of property," Firefighter Randall Platt says.

Platt also says quicker response time will save homeowners some money too.

With the new fire stations, homeowners could save up to 40 percent on their insurance.

"My husband would love that," Biglow laughs.