Shooting violence has Bay-Waveland Police searching for clues

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - As Tuesday turned into Wednesday, violence erupted in Waveland and Bay St. Louis. Overnight, one man was left hospitalized in critical condition. Two other shootings involved gun shots fired into homes in Waveland and Bay St. Louis.

Police don't believe the shooting incident that occurred in the Bay is related to the ones that happened in Waveland. But they are confident the two in Waveland have a direct tie.

Wednesday, Waveland Police investigators returned to the scene where the first shooting took place on Morris Street searching for more evidence.

"We are trying to determine if there were multiple weapons fired with different calibers, any projectiles," said Waveland Investigator Eddie Peterson.

It was the site where a large crowd of people had gathered.

"Originally, it was a fight call," Peterson said. "When officers arrived on the scene, they found that a victim had been shot."

The name of the young man shot has not been released, but police say he is listed in critical, but stable condition at an area hospital.

"While we were processing the scene on Morris Street, we had a shots fired call in the area of Louisa Street. And officers responded to that scene and found that it appeared that someone had fired into a dwelling," Peterson explained. "Right now it looks like the two are related and potentially retaliatory."

Fortunately, no one was hurt. But investigators aren't saying why they believe the two shootings are related.

"We're unable to determine a motive at this time. We're following every lead we have, we do have some persons of interest," said Peterson.

"I think this was an isolated group with whatever grudges and whatever issues they had," Investigator David Allen said.

The house riddled with bullets in Bay St. Louis is on Union Street, but again, authorities say there is no reason to believe there is a connection between the shootings in Waveland.

Investigators say they need your help in solving all three cases.

"We're looking for people who want to come forward and help us out and give us a little more information of who we need to be looking into, and talk to everyone involved to see if we can determine who did what," said Allen.

Anyone with information about any of the shootings is asked to contact your local police department, or Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

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