Jackson County's bomb sniffing dog on guard after Boston attack

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - One investigative resource you probably saw in the immediate aftermath of the blasts was on four legs. A bomb sniffing dog has been on Boylston Street searching for possible clues.

Jackson County has its own K9, just in case a bomb ever detonates in South Mississippi. Three-year-old Aragon has a superior sense of smell. The German Shepherd's specialty is sniffing out specialized explosives.

"Which is all known explosives that are known in any forms or concoctions," Deputy Timothy Prochilo said.

A day after the Boston Marathon Bombings, the canine and his handler, Timothy Prochilo, were checking garbage cans and at high risk public spots for any suspicious devices.

"He can find them real quick and, of course, that also depends on the size of the area that we have to search. This courtroom here, which is not that big, may take about 15 minutes," said Prochilo.

It's a safety precaution because they know what happened in Boston could very well happen here.

"We have had several calls of bomb threats throughout the county. Mostly recently, we had a guy apprehended for making bomb threats over the internet," Byrd said.

The sheriff said that's why the K9 team trains every day to detect security threats.

"If we miss something, people die. My job is to worry about those types of things.  We patrol every day like a regular deputy, but at the same time I have to be alert and ready to go with the bomb dog for situations like that to prescreen events," the handler said.

Even with this bomb sniffing dog, you still can't guarantee 100 percent safety.

"As you saw in Boston, nowhere is not totally safe," Byrd said. "It's a scary situation, but you have to have the tools necessary to respond to this."

The sheriff's department purchased the dog with a Port Security Grant last year.

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