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Gladewater's 'miracle baby' Ella back in hospital


Tonya Allen of "God's Hands Up" contacted us to let us know that baby Ella has been life-flighted to the hospital in Dallas. Samantha, Ella's mother, hopes that she'll remain safely in the care of doctors and surgeons there until her surgery date. Family and friends request prayers for Ella and her parents.

Held snugly in her mom's arms, baby Ella Claire Sheridan is a miracle.

"She's like any newborn," said Samantha Sheridan, Ella's mom. "Eating, crying and sleeping. That's it. She doesn't seem to be in any pain. Just a sweet little baby."

But Ella wasn't supposed to live past birth. When Samantha and J. D. Sheridan went to a routine doctor's appointment to determine the gender of their baby, their world was turned upside down. 

"They were taking excessive pictures, so I kind of had a gut feeling something wasn't right," Samantha said. "Then when I went to see my OBGYN, she said they saw something that looked like a cyst and not to freak out. They said they were going to have the radiologist look at it and call us back."

The Sheridan's were referred to specialists in Dallas. Samantha and J. D. soon learned that part of their unborn baby's brain was protruding from her skull.

"They told us they were very concerned for her well being and that she probably would pass before I had her," Samantha said. "They said if she did somehow make it, they would provide comfort care for her and if we made it past that, we would try to bring the baby home. But the best case scenario would be home with hospice care."

Samantha was given the option to either continue or terminate the pregnancy. She chose not to give up, but also began making funeral arrangements. 

"I don't know, I just had this feeling that I was going to stick it out," Samantha said. "I wanted to meet her and as long as she was moving and kicking and acting like a normal baby in the womb, I was just going to continue carrying her. I just wanted to spend as much time with her as I could. I didn't want to cut my time with her shorter."

And then, the miracle. Ella was born and began to thrive, like any normal baby. Samantha and Baby Ella were released and are now back home. In early May, they plan to meet with surgeons to determine what can be done to put her brain back inside her head.

"She's already outlived what they told us to begin with," Samantha said. "We're just going day by day."

The family says they're counting each day as a blessing from above.

The Sheridan's have also set up a fundraising website for Ella to help them cover medical expenses. 

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