Red Carpet Treatment For Biloxian Made Good

About 400 people gathered at the Biloxi Community Center to celebrate the accomplishments of Roy Lee Elder, Jr. - better known as Peter Roy and they definitely had something to celebrate.

Elder is currently a scout with the San Francisco Giants and has three world series rings under his belt.

He believes his upbringing in Biloxi prepared him to take on any challenge.

"Well, I tell you, you know, growing up in Biloxi, we tease each other so much, we had such a good time that it almost prepared you for anything in life but I know everybody, when you leave Biloxi, you want to do well because everybody loves Biloxi like I do now and I just want to make everybody proud and so I put myself to the task and hopefully succeeded a little bit," said Elder.

It's his success that is rewarded at the annual Biloxian Made Good Shrimp Boil sponsored by the Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce.

"Chambers do work within the business community in promoting Biloxi, but the Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce feels that this community, we're all a family. So when one of our family goes off and does good, we want to support him. We want to show him how proud we are that a family member from Biloxi has went off to do good," said event chairperson Sara Miller.

Each year, the chamber honors someone who graduated from the Biloxi school system, and went on to make the community proud.

Even though Peter Roy now lives in Augusta, Georgia, he is continuing to do just that.

Mr. Elder has strong roots in South Mississippi - his great, great, great, great grandfather was the first mayor of Biloxi.