Sanders receives maximum sentence in hot oil killing

Edna Mae Sanders after her arrest in 2006.
Edna Mae Sanders after her arrest in 2006.

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A woman who killed her husband by pouring boiling hot cooking oil on him was sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison Monday by Circuit Court Judge Larry Bourgeois.

Two weeks ago, Edna Mae Sanders, 51, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the 2006 murder of her husband, Sherman Sanders. At that time, her daughter testified and asked the court for leniency on her mother. She said the killing occurred after her mother walked into the room as Sherman Sanders was assaulting the daughter.

"After last year's rulings by the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals on the admissibility of witness testimony and evidence, this was the best adjudication of the case" said District Attorney Joel Smith. "The victim's family has been through so much over the last several years and the defendant's guilty plea finally brings some closure and eliminates any further appeals."

Edna Mae Sanders was first arrested August 10, 2006, at the time of the attack. In 2008, a Hancock County jury convicted the defendant of murder. However, in 2011 and 2012, the Mississippi Court of Appeals and the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that the trial court erred in not allowing certain testimony regarding other acts and history of the victim and remanded the case back for a new trial.

Attorney Brian Alexander, who represented Edna Mae Sanders, said in the interest of time, his client was willing to go through with the sentencing.  

"She's looking forward to being home with her family," Alexander said.

He expects her to actually serve about half of the 20 years, or possibly even less.

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