Quick thinking Teen Saves Lives In Fire

Thursday night they had a roof over their heads but when the morning comes, a Jackson County family says they have no idea where they will go. For the past few days a house fire has forced Christopher and Deanna Kelly and their children to stay in hotels. Two of the Kelly's children and a young friend were home alone when the fire started Sunday night.

Fifteen-year-old Corey Thompson was talking on this phone when his conversation was cut short. Flames were shooting from under the hot water heater. When clothes didn't put the fire out, Thompson took his younger brother and a seven-year-old friend to a neighbor's house.

Deanna Kelly returned minutes later to find her home engulfed in flames. She's thankful she taught her children what to do. She'd told them that if they smell smoke, get out the house and call 911 as soon as possible. "That had all been done. They did all that on their own. I believe that's what saved their lives. I really do," said Kelly.

Kelly says tragedy struck at what was supposed to be a happy time in their lives. When the fire broke out, she was at the store to buying food for her daughter's wedding shower.

"I ran back into the fire to get a silver and sapphire bracelet for my daughter that was mine on my wedding day and I ran back in to get it and couldn't find it so I don't have that to give to her Saturday."

The family says the flames took everything from their clothes and furniture down to their toothbrushes. They're looking for any help they can find but they're determined not to let fire get them down.

Corey Thompson said "This is my only sister and its her only wedding, so I'm not going to let anything stop me from doing that."

Since the Kellys had just moved into the house last month, they says its difficult to come up with the money to pay another deposit and month's rent again so soon. If you would like to help please call 228-396-0309 or 396-1478.