The 100 Men Hall comes alive in a documentary

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Through music, interviews, pictures and video the 100 Men Hall will come alive for everyone to learn about in a new documentary, "Call Before Demo: Resurrecting a Legendary Blues Hall".

CEO Kerrie Loya said this is a fun way for visitors who stop in, from all over the world, to learn about the hall where many music icons once graced the stage.

"In the 1940s through the mid to early 70s, that's when this place and this stage saw some of the best black musicians of that time people like Big Joe Turner, Guitar Slim, Ernie Cato, Deek and John out of New Orleans, Etta James, Earl Thomas, Ike and Tina Turner the list just goes on and on and on," Kerrie said.

While that is what made the hall famous it's history dates back to 1894 and it survived Camille and Hurricane Katrina.

"There just is not a lot of existing musical structures during that time period not just in Mississippi, but anywhere in the United States," Kerrie said.

Kerrie and her husband Jesse believe the documentary will be able to carry on the building's history for years to come and also help them learn more about it.

Jesse said, "We are hoping the floodgates will open of people who want to come forward and want to share their story, historical paraphernalia, pictures, posters, anything related to the building."

Each of them played a vital role in making the film, Kerrie was the director and producer, Jesse produced the soundtrack.

The couple recruited James Miller to edit the hours of interviews and footage into a 23 minute film, and he did it all in just six weeks.

Miller said, "It's done, but like I said to an editor it will never be done, you always find something more to add, but I'm excited for everyone to see it."

Kerrie said, "I personally feel it's going to be a real mecca for tourism for the entire Gulf Coast."

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