Spring break in full swing along Hwy 90

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - They have come by the thousands to South Mississippi to enjoy the sun and sand. It's become a mid April ritual, as spring breakers converge on the coast.

Under a brilliant sun, the breakers arrived in droves. They came by car and by motorcycle.  Some came from as far away as Daytona, Florida, including Jason Terriel.

"I'm here to celebrate this day that they have all the time once a year," Terriel said.  "Me and my guys come down here from Florida just to be here. I like it, I enjoy it, the sun is beautiful, the beach is beautiful."

Some are here for the first time, spring break rookies, like Precious Edwards.  It doesn't take long to map out a party plan.

"Just go all day, all day. Just partying and just get messed up," Edwards said.

One sure sign of fun is food, lots and lots of food.  Deena Paige is a fan.

"We're just going to be sitting around, barbeque, and just enjoy each other's conversation, might get in the water for a little while," Paige said.

Now this spring break is all about fun, enjoying the beach, being seen and seeing others. But it's also about something that's just as important to some folks, and that is business and making a few bucks.

Tarvin Dukes runs a bar-b-que business in Lumberton. There will be lots of hungry mouths to feed today.

"We have a variety of food. We have ribs, chicken, fish and sausage, hamburgers. We've got the whole nine yards today," Dukes said.

Another is music company owner Dae Kemp.

"This is more networking and more promotional advertisement, just to get the word out to the potential consumers that we have. Eighteen to 20,000 people coming here from all over the world so these are the potential consumers, the potential fans," Kemp explained.

While the food, the beach and the jet skis are all popular, there's something else that draws the breakers here, according to Paige.

"Just the environment in general, the pretty water, the people, just something different."

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