Animals found hoarded in the Kiln are getting a new beginning

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Animal control officers, staff and volunteers of the Hancock County Animal Shelter were busy Thursday transporting the remaining animals from buildings on Tal Moran Road where they were being hoarded.

Most of the 185 animals seized are timid, but others have made themselves right at home at the Hancock County Animal Shelter.

Director Toni Accardo said, "We are trying to get everyone cleaned up real well. We have some rabbits pretty matted, also some of the dogs. So we are trying to get them bathed so they smell better, feel better get everybody's cages cleaned, food and watered."

Accardo said the shelter took in 11 dogs, 41 rabbits, 51 birds and 82 cats, but none of the cats were healthy enough to survive.

Animal Control Officer Dorty Necaise said most of the animals were found starving and sick.

"Some of the animals were in 12 by 12 enclosures, little cages, and probably about three inches was covered, caked in feces and urine," Necaise said.

He said they had to cut the wires on the cages to get several of the rabbits out.

"This was definitely one of the worst hoarding situations I have ever seen," Necaise said. "The smell of the feces is the first thing you encounter. And then after that, your other senses start to pick up and you start to see these animals and they are suffering. It's not pleasant."

The shelter does not want to turn any animals away, but Accardo said foster homes are needed to give the remaining animals another chance at life.

"We definitely need volunteers, especially through the weekend, to help," Accardo said.

The hope is on Monday most of the animals will be up for adoption.

"We have good feeling," Necaise said. "A lot of these animals will go to good homes, so that's what makes our job worthwhile."

Accado agreed, "They need great homes, they deserve it."

In addition to foster homes, the shelter is also in need of food, rubber gloves, bowls and volunteers. If you can help, call them at (228) 466-4516.

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