Officer's blood analysis done, but crash investigation continues

Kaytlynn Brann had just turned 16 a day before she was hit by a truck.
Kaytlynn Brann had just turned 16 a day before she was hit by a truck.

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - We have new information regarding the connection between a blood alcohol test and the death of a teenager in Jackson County seven weeks ago. That fatal accident left a lot of questions unanswered.

Kaytlynn Brann, 16, was walking along Pointe Aux Chenes Road in Gulf Park Estates on the evening of February 22 when she was struck by a pick-up truck driven by an off-duty Pascagoula police officer. She died the next day from her injuries.

At the time of the accident, a warrant was obtained and the officer, Daniel Snyder, had his blood drawn to test for alcohol. The day after the accident Sheriff Mike Byrd told WLOX News that alcohol could have played a role.

The blood was sent to the state crime lab for testing, and officials at the crime lab tell WLOX News the results were returned to the sheriff's department on March 22.

Right now, no one is saying what the test showed, including the district attorney. The only thing that's certain right now is this investigation is far from over.

"We have received our samples that we sent off to the crime lab and we met with the district attorney yesterday," Sheriff Mike Byrd told WLOX News. "We had multiple witnesses that had to be interviewed, so at this time we are about 95 percent through with the case and we are going to present this to the grand jury in the first part of May."

Meanwhile, the officer is back working at the Pascagoula Police Department doing in-house administrative duties, according to Police Chief Kenny Johnson. He did take several days off of personal leave after the accident.

WLOX News will continue to follow this story and update it when the grand jury meets next month.

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