Check Out Books Online

The Hancock County Library System now has a new way of conducting business. Customers can now reserve a book from home, by simply clicking a computer key. It's called "The Easy Access Catalog" and it's getting rave reviews from children.

Eleven year old Imani Joseph loves to read. She also loves the library's new Easy Access Catalog system.

"It shows me all the books I want to see faster and easier and its right in front of me and I don't have to look around the library all day," said Imani.

The catalog lists every book in the library, and sorts them for adults and children. Click animals and you get every animal book written for children.

"The kids catalog has very high graphical content which children today are use to graphics they love colorful things it has colorful cartoon Icons. The color and terms are geared just for kids. It's a new way of accessing library materials and this encourages them to read," said Patty Furr.

Patty Furr is the library's technology coordinator. She said the computerized catalogue is designed for families on the run.

"We have 113-thousand items at the library and this system allows so much greater access to the things we have. Which is a fabulous feature for people who are very busy these days," she said.

Library customers can not only check out books from home, they can also reserve video tapes DVD's and even audio tapes from a home, office or school computer 24 hours a day.

Furr told WLOX News, "We call that the virtual express service and what happens is when a person puts on request or on reserve on the system it automatically is recorded in the computer and the library staff pulls those books three times a day and they call the patron and the book is ready for you at the front desk."

For Imani Joseph, it's a handy tool that enhances her passion for reading.

A Library service and technology grant together with money from the Leo Seal Family Foundation helped fund the new system.

Hancock County Library System is the only one on the Coast using a system of this kind.

To access the new system from your computer log onto