Garage clean-up reveals 24-year-old pipe bombs

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi bomb squad was called Monday to deal with two pipe bombs that have been stashed in a garage for nearly a quarter century.

Officials say a family cleaning out the garage at a home on Cambridge Drive in the Sunkist neighborhood found the two 8-inch pipe bombs Monday morning. Police say the homeowners remembered that 24 years ago, they took the devices away from the young man who built them and simply hid them in the garage.

The commander of the bomb squad, Sgt. John Campbell, told WLOX News the devices were made out of PVC pipe with explosive material inside and a fuse. Campbell said if someone had been holding one of the devices when it detonated, it could have blown off a person's hand.

The bomb squad retrieved the pipe bombs and safely detonated them. As for any possible charges, the case remains under investigation.

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