Students Say Inaugural Trip Is The Experience Of A Lifetime

People all over the world will be able to watch the inauguration on television, but only a few will get to experience the event in person. Some Gulfport High school students will be among them. They'll be in the nation's capitol to help usher in the new president.

All his life John Sawyer has listened to stories about how when his father was a high school senior, he saw Richard Nixon inaugurated as president. Now its John's turn.

"I'm most excited about going to inaugural ball and getting to see Britney Spears and president elect Bush and all that kind of stuff. So I'm really excited," Sawyer said.

Six Gulfport High students will travel to Washington D.C. to see George W. Bush become the 43rd president of the United States. Not all of the students are interested in being politicians, but that doesn't stop them from acknowledging the importance of meeting some of the country's key leaders.

"It's gonna be a really great experience to go in there and meet all the congressman and the senators," Rebekah Blakeslee said.

"I'm have never been apart of something this huge historically," Abby McGuffee said. "I feel so lucky to be in something that's not going to happen again for another four years and something that may not happen again at this measure because of the electoral process ever again in our lives."

Although the trip was open to all students, only six elected to go. The students say the trip will give them a better understanding of a government their generation will one day run.

by Danielle Thomas