Family worries about their military loved ones overseas

Gage and Lauralyn Herron
Gage and Lauralyn Herron

KILN, MS (WLOX) - Gage and Lauralyn Herron have been living on the Air Force base in Okinawa, Japan for about six months.

It has been tough for their families back home in the Kiln but with tensions in North Korea they said the distance has been unbearable lately.

Lauralyn's mother Susan Lossett said, "It's the first thing that hits my brain in the morning and it's the last thing on my brain at night. It stays on me and I feel a constant sick to my stomach."

Gage's Sister Jordyn Herron said, with tears strolling down her face, "He's always been there and it's kind of hard not talking to him like when he was here."

The families said they do not get to talk to them as much as they would like and they are not allowed to say much about the eminent threat from North Korea, but Lauralyn was able to tell her mother there has been a lot of activity on the base lately.

Lossett said,"All the phones that civilians and military have has an alert system on it and when anything is going on everyone gets an alert. The last time North Korea tested their missile it went over Okinawa and Laralyn said they were doing something with their friends and it went off at the same time so they do have some kind of alert system."

Lossett and her mother, Sally Dufrene, said the are constantly on edge and keep the news on all day every day.

Dufrene said, "It was ramping up last week and it was welcome news this morning when we learned they have kind of slacked off a little bit, but he said they still may test those missiles."

As for Gage's mother, Jeanie Wahl, and his sister they said it is better for them not to keep up to date on every new development.

Wahl said, "It will worry me so I stay busy and leave my faith in God that he is going to put his hands on them."

Everyone agreed though that they will not feel better until the couple returns home safe. Until then, they want to send a message to them overseas.

Wahl said, "We miss them and love them very much. And call your mom more Gage."

Herron said, "I just wish I could hear from them and I love and miss them both."

Lossett said, "I love them very much," Dufrene added, "Very much and we miss them."

"We are proud of them and we just ask that people pray not only for them, but all of the troops," Lossett said.

Gage and Laralyn Herron are expected to be stationed in Japan for another two and a half years.

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