Shular Hospitality Auto Show makes debut

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's a familiar sight to see rows of classic cars parked in South Mississippi, but the event that brought the hot rods to town this time is something new.

"Today, we had the Coast Auto Show down at the Best Western on Highway 49. We're working in conjunction with Mr. Shulur, who has hotels in Pigeon Forge. We're trying to get it to where people can come down. See all the activities going on and visit some of the things we have," Coast Cruisers President James Roberts said.

The idea is to bring together car lovers from all over on a regular basis, each time, showing off what the Mississippi Gulf Coast has to offer. They hope that will lead to regular visitors.

For the Saturday night viewing, cars filled the parking lot of Edgewater Mall. Owners showed off their detailed designs and out of state tags.

"It's great, we couldn't ask for anything better than to have all these people show up. It's a great family get together and everyone can come and enjoy themselves," Roberts said. "You get to see the cars and you can ask, 'How did you do this?' Or, 'Why did you do that?'"

Those questions will likely lead to interesting answers, as each vehicle on display has its own story. Take Donald Bell for example: The Gulfport resident showed off his attention grabbing truck, all with his son in mind.

"This truck has been through several restorations, but I think this is the final restoration. This used to be my son's truck and he passed away in '05. I continue to build and I'm sure he'd be proud of the outcome. In fact, this truck is to be donated to cancer research," Bell said.

Though this is still a growing event, organizers are hopeful about the future.

"Give us a few years and we're going to be as big as Cruisin'' the Coast. We're going to do it," Roberts said.

During the event there were vehicle viewings at the Clarion Inn, Best Western, and the Gulfport Holiday Inn.

The event will come back on the First Saturday of every month from now until October. Each time the event is held, visitors will be given a list of local attractions to check out while they're here.

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