MDOT workers battle wind-blown sand on Highway 90

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Wednesday's winds left a big mess of sand on Highway 90. And that means a big task for M-DOT.

M-DOT crews began the massive clean-up shortly after the heavy rain subsided.  And they're making good progress.

You might call it a certain sign of Spring. Highway workers do battle against Mother Nature this time of year.

"Yesterday's winds, they blew pretty hard for a couple of hours. Blew the sand in pretty good," said foreman Vincent Necaise.

Wind-blown sand and heavy traffic do not work well together. Drifting sand can make for dangerous driving. That's why the M-DOT army has crews scattered from East Biloxi to Pass Christian.

"We got about four back hoes, an end loader. And there's probably about 20 guys out there," said Necaise.

Plus, a parade of dump trucks to haul off the wayward sand. Necaise says the worst places for sand piling up along Highway 90 are wherever you find a wall. That's why the area in front of Edgewater Mall is always such a trouble spot.

"In spots where the cinder walls are against 90 there, it's piled up pretty good. But other spots it wasn't too awful bad. It's been a lot worse," said Necaise.

And while M-DOT crews are assigned to clear-off the sand, Harrison County crews are grooming the beach, pulling sand off the seawall and brushing it off the sidewalks.

Sand Beach Director Chuck Loftis said they're focused on the area near Jones Park, sprucing things up for the weekend boat show.

As for the M-DOT sand removal, they're making great progress.

"Hopefully, by the end of the day we'll have it looking pretty good," said Necaise.

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