Minor damages reported at the Pass Christian Harbor

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - The Pass Christian Harbor Master and several boat owners spent Thursday day assessing damages and making repairs after Wednesday's storm. Luckily most of the damage found was minor; quite a few had ripped canopies.

Boat Owner David Reymond said, "I should have pulled it back. Had I known, it wouldn't have the damage, but I didn't. It lasted almost the whole time and right when the wind cut down, it tore off."

"So far, a lot of canvas damage, a lot of sail damage," Harbor Master Willie Davis said. "For instance, we have the yellow boat, which is right across from us. So far it has $15,000 damage just to his tops and antenna."

Other boats received gashes from rubbing up against the pier, one boat had a small hole in the side.

Jim Berry's sailboat escaped with only a few scratches because he was able to rush to the harbor in the middle of the storm.

"The boat was heeled over 10 to 20 degrees, it was starting to bump into the pilings and I was able to get it off before it did any real damage," Berry said. "And even worse, his aluminum toe rail would have gouged the head of my boat and could have holed it."

For the most part, Davis said the harbor fared well too.

"Washed a few things out we need to fill in, a few boards missing here and there a few electrical panelings here and there, but most of that we already got fixed," Davis said.

While he is thankful there was no major damage, he said every little bit hurts.

"It's a lot of little bit damage and the small stuff at the end of the day adds up to a lot of money. As far as everything else, I think we fared out pretty good. Better than I thought we would," Davis said.

Most of the boat owners had been out to check on their vessels by Thursday evening and Davis expects those that live out of town will be by this weekend.

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