WLOX Editorial: Smokers either don't smoke here or just stay away

Another South Mississippi city, Pascagoula, is considering a stronger law limiting smoking. We consider that good news. Dozens of cities already have partial smoking bans. And plenty of businesses banned smoking on their own.

Opponents of smoking bans, say government bans on personal preference are just another example of too much government intervention.  But here's the problem, it's not just the smoker who is affected, it is everyone around them.

We believe in personal rights - yes you should be able to swing your arms as much as you want. That is, until you enter someone else's personal space and hit them. Now it is assault.

Smokers, your smoke is entering the personal space of others and it is an assault on their lungs. We sympathize with those who want to smoke. But, for too long, many have said that non-smokers have a choice, they can just stay away.

It's time to turn this around, let's tell smokers either don't smoke here or just stay away.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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